Almirante do Atlântico

Traditional Beer - Unique Flavours

Almirante do Atlântico – the new Craft-Beer brewery on Madeira (established in 2020) providing local artisanal beer with the highest quality level, based on the recommended production standards of the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) from 1516.

Produced with only four ingredients: water, malt, hops & yeast

All our beers at Almirante do Atlântico are created and brewed on the island of Madeira with our unique “mid-Atlantic style” of brewing. 

A presentation of modern beer culture from around the world, brought back to Madeira.

They are a modern mix of classic Old-World recipes and New-World flavors, with hops gathered from around the world.

people drinking beer

The Best Beer Experience On Madeira!

Madeira: Where the water is falling, the Atlantic Ocean is roaring and the Almirante is flowing!

Enjoy Almirante do Atlântico –  Madeiras matchless artisanal beer. Handcrafted by an experienced Bavarian brewer, savored best with your friends and family. Cheers!

You are invited to try the beers and find out more about Almirante do Atlântico, its story and its beers…

Our Beers

The Head Brewer Andreas “Gustl” Hartfiel is presenting a sample of our variety of standard and seasonal beers. The beers are a symphony of Gustls international experience with an honour to Madeira rich flavours. To know more about our products please click the box below.

Try Almirante Do Atlântico Now!​

You can buy our beers individually in 0.33l swing top bottles, or if you like, you can get a full box of 20x 0,33l.

Or for a private party, you can rent our special 10l kegs, ready to use without any extra machinery.
Cold, high quality beer on tap, fresh from the barrel, ready to drink.

Enjoy our beers with your friends and family on and around Madeira!

Friday open day

Our Bar / Beer Garden is open every Friday from 3 pm until 10 pm. Come and try all our beers fresh on tap!

Additionally we have food available with fresh regional products and herbs from our own garden. Due to the seasonal selection of ingredients the menu changes constantly. We always offer one daily dish, either with meat or a veggie option. (sometimes even a vegan option too)

And on top we are always baking fresh homemade bread each Friday.


Connect With Us!​


Estrada Regional 222 No. 776
PT 9370-175 Calheta


+351 939 837 702