Almirante Beers

To sail around the globe on the hunt for new adventures and flavours, every crew has to follow the command of an Almirante!

Our standard beers build the crew, to go around the world and discover new things. They are the backbone of our brand.

The seasonal beers are discovered on the journey around the world, where we will find and enjoy different events, sensations and new flavours.

All together we bring all these sensations back to Madeira and present
it in our seasonal beers.

Our Crew - our Standard-Beers

"Classic Lager"

Our COMANDANTE (Portuguese for commander or captain)  is the leader of our beers. We like to call it the FLAG SHIP BEER in the crew that leads the route around the world.

This golden captain is a bottom-fermented  classic Lager with a descent malt base and a harmonic slight taste of bitterness.

Alcohol – 4.5%
Bitterness – 1/5

"Dark Lager"

The IMEDIATO is the second-in-command and the right hand of the COMANDANTE. 

A dream team that goes hand in hand in taste.

A dark Lager with a little roasted malt flavor, to get a rich brown color and a  slightly roasted coffee flavor.

Alcohol – 4.5%
Bitterness – 1/5

"IPA" - Indian Pale Ale

The NAVEGADOR is our Indian Pale Ale, another essential crew-member, to navigate the journey around the world.

The IPA has a copper rich color and is packed with fruity aromas and tropical flavors from all around the world.

Alcohol – 5.1%
Bitterness – 3.5/5

Our seasonal Beers

Flor do Mar
"Märzen - Beer"



Flor do Mar: 

Discover our golden treasure on Madeira.

Named after a Portuguese treasure ship Flor do Mar, lost at sea for centuries, we present to you our own golden      Märzen-Beer as an homage to all the sunken treasures lost  at sea forever…

Alcohol – 5.8%
Bitterness – 1/5


Três Marias
"Blonde Wheatbock"



Três Marias: 

Navigating by the stars, following the Três Marias, everyone can find it’s safe way home to their family, friends and loved ones. 

With them you can enjoy our blonde Wheatbock, a flavorful harmony of mixed dry fruits.

Alcohol – 7%
Bitterness – 2/5


Aurora Borealis


available in April 2024



Aurora Borealis: 

On the journey around the Atlantic, you might end up sailing north, where the weather is fresh, the sea is rough and if the sailors are lucky, they can see the  “Northern Lights”, a spectacular atmospherically colorful illusion high up in the sky.  

Discover the north with us and our new fresh Pilsener, bright yellow in color with a vibrant green bitterness and a cold menthol freshness in the finish.”

Alcohol – 5%
Bitterness- 3/5





available in Mai 2024


To honor the tradition of new born life, love and growth, we created our own special Maibock edition. Come and celebrate a new circle in life. 

Dance with us and be reborn for another year!

Our Maibock is a golden color, full of flavor and nicely hopped harmony, full of love and new live.

Alcohol- 6.5%
Bitterness – 2/5



Summer Dream
"Beach blonde pale ale"


available in June 2024

Summer Dream: 

A light, fresh and crisp new beach blonde Pale Ale, refreshing lime and lemon with a hit of mint.

Imagine sitting on the beach enjoying the wonderfull sunny weather under the palm trees and for a split second you glimpse a blonde mermaid, as the waves break on the shore.

Alcohol- 3.5%
Bitterness – 2/5