Welcome to Almirante do Atlântico

Head Brewer smiling with a glass of beer


I’m Andreas “Gustl” Hartfiel and I have been following my passion for beer for over ten years now. After finishing my education as a brewer in my hometown Munich, Germany, I have been gaining brewing experience from all over the world, mastering the art of brewing. Finally, I have fulfilled my dream and have founded my own Craft Beer brewery on Madeira – Almirante do Atlântico.

The experience from over ten years I gained all over the globe has taught me that it doesn’t matter where your origin is or who you are… Everybody loves an excellent beer: fresh, cool and tasty!

My goal is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate experience of a truly handcrafted beer from a very passionate brewer.


The Secrets of Handcrafted Beer

When it comes to crafting beer there are three elements which affect the quality and taste of the beer: ingredients, process and handicraft.

Ingredients: Hops, malt, water and yeast – a simple recipe established centuries ago. Considering the many different varieties of hops and malt affecting the flavor, the outcome can vary heavily. There are sheer infinite combinations for beer recipes. Selecting the right sorts and amounts are key for a good tasting beer.

Process: Did you know that there are around 100 different beer styles? They alter in flavour, ingredients, history, or origin, but are mainly determined by the production method. The result can vary strongly in taste, bitterness and alcohol. Surely, there is a suiting style for every taste.

Handicraft: This is by far the most important feature of handcrafted beer. Just like with a fine meal there is not only a good recipe with high quality ingredients necessary, but one also needs a good cook. And for artisanal the same rules apply, but instead of a cook, on needs an experienced brewer. In contrast to industrial style beer, where processes are automated and the outcome is always the same, handcrafted beer is always unique and special. This factor can make beer genuinely a gourmet experience.

brewer at work